Our Fees


Our service is delivered on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means there is nothing to pay up front and we only get paid if we are successful in concluding your claim with the airline.

There is no risk to you, as we will take care of all the case research, preparation and claim filing costs.

We charge a flat 25% success fee for all cases, based on the total amount of compensation paid by the airline.

The table below shows the amount you will receive from us for cases which do not need to go to court, after the deduction of our success fee:

Flights 1500km or less (Most EU flights)International Flights between 1500 – 3500kmInternational Flights over 3500km
Cloud Claims
25% fee
£165 paid to you£262.50 paid to you£390 paid to you
35% fee
£143 paid to you£227.50 paid to you£338 paid to you
39.7% fee
£132.66 paid to you£211.05 paid to you£313.56 paid to you
£108 paid to you£170 paid to you£250 paid to you
Comparison of net payouts (after fees) – January 2024

Court Fees & Representation

Where it becomes necessary to escalate the matter to court, we will charge an additional 25% fee (based on the total compensation paid) to cover the court fees & representation at court. However, we will exhaust all other avenues before proceeding to file a court case and will endeavour to maximise the amount paid to you. This fee is only payable if we successfully win your case.


For flights originating in the UK, with an UK-based airline, the payout will be in pounds (GBP).

For flights to/from the EU or with an EU-based airline, the payout will be in Euros (EUR).

We will transfer funds to you in the currency it is received from the airline.

Your bank will determine the currency conversion rate (if a conversion is applicable) at the time the payment is made to you.


Cloud Claims

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